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Aizu Tamamushi-nuri Stemmed Sake Cup with Faceted Sides

Craft Artist
Takao Togashi
Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima Prefecture
Φ70 x H90 mm
Japanese cherry birch, Lacquer

The beauty of glossy lacquer

This is an elaborately designed stem glass with a brilliant sheen that could be mistaken for glass. The wood is carefully faceted and the details are carved into the finished shape, which is then covered with layers of lacquer.

The artist, Takao Togashi, continues to challenge stereotypical notions of lacquerware with innovative designs. His free and creative ideas are made possible by the solid techniques he has cultivated through years of training. The most striking feature of this work is its deep glossy finish, its deep luster created by a technique called tamamushi-nuri in which silver powder is sprinkled on the surface and translucent colored lacquer applied atop that. The way it shimmers in the light is so beautiful that it draws you in.

Aizu lacquerware developed in a basin blessed with nature under the patronage of successive generations of feudal lords. This cup, which expresses the techniques that have been handed down over a long history, but with a new sense of style, will add a gorgeous touch to the modern dining table.