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Bizen Tokkuri Sake Flask

Craft Artist
Hitoshi Morimoto
Bizen, Okayama Prefecture
Φ93 ×H128 mm

Beauty that nestles into our daily lives

Well fired at high temperatures, this sake server exhibits an unglazed surface that is pleasant to the touch. This expression of Bizen ware seems to speak to us of a universal beauty that has been familiar for a long time.

The “Bizen Tokkuri Sake Flask” by Hitoshi Morimoto is an excellent example of one of the unique expressions of Bizen ware called “goma” (sesame), with the ashes falling on the shoulders of the bottle creating a beautiful pattern. From the softly rounded body to the neck, a well-balanced curve is drawn, and the mouth is thin and sharp. Hitoshi’s hand-crafted oak modeling tool is used to carve around the kodai (foot), the marks of his handiwork giving a warm expression. When you pick it up, a gentle weight settles into your palm, and it becomes a familiar part of your daily life. It naturally helps you relax and enjoy a peaceful, natural time.

The simple rustic beauty of Bizen ware will continue to be loved as it gently accompanies our modern lives.