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Madara Karatsu Tea Bowl

Craft Company
Craft Artist
Taki Nakazato
Karatsu, Saga Prefecture
W120 × H85 × D110mm

The warmth of a bowl of tea

Karatsu ware, with its variety of techniques, has captured the hearts of pottery lovers. Taki Nakazato, who works with his family at Ryutagama kiln, one of the most famous kilns in Karatsu, continues to create ambitious works, using everything from traditional techniques to new methods of expression.

Madara Karatsu (Mottled Karatsu) is a technique that has been used since the early days of the Karatsu style, with a wide variety of applications. Its characteristic feature is that the iron contained in the base material rises as spots on the soft cloudy white surface of the straw ash glaze. Taki’s tea bowls are white with a hint of red, creating a warm and gentle impression. From the fine wrinkles on the neatly finished base of the bowl one can feel the rough taste of earth unique to Karatsu. This is truly a work where free-spirited creativity and refined sensitivity coexist.

The serene color of matcha tea is certain to be beautifully reflected in this bowl. It also illustrates Taki’s approach, always holding in mind the individual who holds the bowl in his hands and the purpose for which it is used.