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Ofuke Sake Server

Craft Artist
Makoto Yamaguchi
Seto, Aichi Prefecture
W175 × H67 × D130mm

Memories of a journey

A deep knowledge of traditional techniques and the extraordinary power and skill to sublimate them into his own style. Every one of Makoto’s works is filled with an indescribable essence, but one of their common charms is the vividly colored scenes that draw the viewer in, leaving you speechless from the first glance.

When you look into the mikomi or ‘prospective view’ of the inside of this sake server, attracted by the flowing glaze, you will see a circular motif hidden in a clear blue pool of glaze – a design inspired by the coins thrown into the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Ofuke ware is made with a glaze of feldspar mixed with ash, and the addition of gosu cobalt blue glaze creates a beautiful blue landscape, like the surface of water shining in the bright sun.

This work is a concentration of the artist’s creativity, stemming from his travels around the world and his expression in his own unique way of what he finds beautiful. You can feel a deep sense of narrative, as if experiencing that memory yourself by holding it in your hand.