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Yohen Tenmoku

Craft Artist
Takeshi Imaizumi
Saitama Prefecture
Φ128 x H72 mm

The universe in a bowl

When you look into this bowl, you see an infinite universe. It is as if a meteor shower is being sucked into the depths of the dark blue sky. At the same time, it looks as if a fantastic, moist glow is radiating from the center of the galaxy – a mysterious and profound expression contained within an awe-inspiring form. This is the entrancing charm of Takeshi Imaizumi’s Tenmoku.

Tenmoku flourished in ancient times, mainly in Kenyo (Jiàn yáo in Chinese) China, and came to be produced in various parts of Japan in the modern era. The beautiful glaze tones produced by the iron glaze and its wide range of expression have attracted many potters and tea connoisseurs.

A mysterious appearance created in the moment when the clay and iron glaze are enveloped in flames and change their forms. The expression created by a contemporary artist melds gently together with a certain longing for the universal beauty that has been prized throughout history. Through this work, I felt as if I could relive the genuine fascination of Tenmoku as pursued by Takeshi.