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mimosa Glass Bowl

Craft Artist
Yuki Nishiyama
Φ215 x H110 mm

A vibrant breath of spring

Yuki Nishiyama is a glass artist whose work showcases the magic of painting on glass. After learning the craft of glasswork, she gained experience working with artists in Japan and Sweden, and is now working in the nature of Hokkaido, where she was born and raised.

Handling the blowpipe as in tune with the power of the natural world around her, Yuki makes it look easy as she blows rhythmically to give shape to the hot lump of glass. By slightly etching the surface of the glass to create shadows, and then delicately painting both the inside and outside of the bowl with enamel paints, Yuki creates a natural scene that draws the viewer into its depths.

The softly spreading mimosa flowers in a glass bowl reminiscent of crushed ice hints to us of the bright arrival of spring. This work captures the ephemeral sparkle of that ever-changing season, and is full of vibrant life.