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Oribe Tea Bowl

Craft Artist
Makoto Yamaguchi
Seto, Aichi Prefecture
Φ143 x H94 mm

An ensemble of colors

Makoto Yamaguchi’s works have a presence and artistry that become deeply engraved in people’s minds. This work, “Oribe Tea Bowl,” which achieves an intense glaze tone through multiple layers of Oribe glazes, is one of the works that have opened up new possibilities for Oribe, a style of pottery with a long history. The pleasant harmony of the glaze can be called an ensemble of colors, from a clear, transparent shining jade to a deep, calm dark green. Because the work is fired while hanging, a beautiful pool of blue glaze like a dragonfly’s eye appears on the front where the glaze flows and stays. With the rough texture of the boldly scraped Seto clay, its rich expression can be enjoyed from any angle, making this a tea bowl worth seeing.

While Makoto’s works give an impression of contemporary Oribe, their expression is the result of his diligent study of the traditional Oribe glazes of Seto and Mino. Guided by a deep understanding of Mino-Momoyama ware and a desire to explore, his innovative works eloquently illustrate the inherent profundity of Oribe.