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Furidashi Sweets Container, Indigo

Craft Artist
Ikuko Ogawa
Morioka, Iwate Prefecture
Φ55 × H97 mm
Soda glass

The sparkle of sensitivity

One of the utensils used in the Japanese tea ceremony is the furidashi or sweets container, which is specifically designed to hold small confections like konpeito sugar cubes. Imagining this coolly-shining piece placed in a box of tea utensils, with the sweets visible through the glass, makes one even more eager to have time to enjoy tea.

Ikuko Ogawa, a kiriko (cut glass) artist, is able to express her work freely and expansively owing to her solid technique. Years of dedicated training under her mentor have honed her skills, and the combination of an unbridled spirit of exploration unbound by traditional styles and above all an unwavering passion for glass cutting culminate in the creation of unparalleled works of art. The deep lines engraved vertically on the rounded cased glass create a vivid contrast between the clear indigo and transparent glass, and the design, which resembles cascading water droplets, gives the work a playful expression. The three-dimensional relief, akin to sculpture, is comfortable to hold in one’s hand. This piece, born from days spent meticulously carving glass, serves as a testament to the joy of kiriko.