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Cut Glass Frame, Diamond Shape

Craft Artist
Ikuko Ogawa
W223 × H130 × D32mm
Soda glass, silver, wood, lacquer

Engraving brilliance

Ikuko Ogawa, a kiriko (cut glass) artist, draws out the magic of glass using a foundation of the Edo kiriko technique she acquired through years of training, enhancing it at times with the characteristics of Satsuma kiriko.

“Cut Glass Frame, Diamond Shape” evokes a scene of a bright full moon hovering over a mountain. The bright yellow circular glass is finely engraved with a traditional kiku-tsunagi or “chrysanthemum chain” pattern, while the deep green asymmetrically shaped glass has a strong linear presence, like the ridges of a mountain. The exquisite placement of the two contrasting pieces of glass reveals the artist’s acute sensibility. The glass, floating in the air in a diamond-shaped frame supported by elaborate silver wirework, catches the light and casts delicate shadows around the room.

An expression born from independent thinking, given form by solid skill. This work inspires with the way traditional techniques sparkle within contemporary style.