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Craft Artist
Taiga Mori
Bizen, Okayama Prefecture
W240 × H300 × D200mm

A burning passion

Hailing from Bizen, a region renowned for its pottery that evokes the primal ruggedness of the clay, ceramic artist Taiga Mori has created numerous works that are full of originality. In this work, “Doki-doki”, a heavy lump of clay burnt to a reddish-brown color, is shaped to resemble the human heart in its true form. In crafting this piece, Taiga was inspired by the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, a symbol of love for humanity. Overlaying the heart with characters for the modern Japanese manga expression “doki-doki,” (ドキドキ) which translates to a heart throbbing with excitement, he aimed to depict the fervent passion of young girl’s love. The completed artwork, born through the firing process in the kiln, not only symbolizes the ignition of love but also hints at its transformation into profound affection.

The Sacred Heart, a subject of devotion, has often been depicted as a burning heart in Western religious paintings. The idea of combining it with the burning emotion of a girl in love is unique, and the viewer’s encounter with the work is sure to evoke surprise and curiosity. This piece, “Doki-doki,” embodies Taiga’s own burning desire to create, as he continues his exploration of contemporary Bizen ware.