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Container with Sometsuke Pattern, Chinese Lion and Peony

Craft Artist
Hirohiko Nakazato, Hirotsune Nakazato
Arita, Saga Prefecture
Φ85 × H60 mm
Porcelain stone

Wishes in fine strokes

Hirohiko and Hirotsune Nakazato are brothers who create ceramics together in Arita, Saga Prefecture. The two work collaboratively to create a single piece, with Hirotsune, the younger brother, in charge of shaping and Hirohiko, the elder, responsible for painting. The pair infuse the style of Mikawachi ware, a traditional craft inherited from their hometown of Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, with an elegance that complements modern dining tables, making their works captivating.

This container, thinly thrown on a potter’s wheel and delicately carved and fired after intricate detailing, boasts a lid and body that fit together so snugly that its exquisite craftsmanship goes beyond that of porcelain. The lively Chinese lion and peony flowers on the lid and various auspicious motifs on the sides are elaborately painted with delicate brush strokes, expressing vitality and strength. The gradation of the blue gosu painting contrasts brilliantly against the clear white porcelain of the Amakusa porcelain stone, creating a truly dazzling effect.

A masterpiece crafted with meticulous care, combining the skills honed by both artists over time and filled with wishes for happiness. Its timeless beauty will endure even a hundred years from now, passed down from one generation to another without losing its allure.