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Compote “The Blue Moment”

Craft Artist
Yuki Nishiyama
Φ228 × H94 mm
Soda glass

The radiance of midsummer

On a clear summer day, a flash of blue shines amidst the lush greenery by the lakeside. A kingfisher, glimpsed against the backdrop of the blue sky and the blue lake, darts swiftly away, disappearing in an instant. Known as “the flying jewel” for its beauty, light reflects on the kingfisher’s feathers every time it flaps its wings, sparkling with a radiant blue glow as if stars are twinkling.

“The Blue Moment,” a work that emotionally captures the summer scenery on transparent glass, is a masterpiece by Yuki Nishiyama that combines the techniques of glassblowing and painting. Delicate craftsmanship is evident in the meticulous application of sandblasting to create depth in specific areas. The vivid contrast of blue, imprinted on the artist’s eyes in the midsummer of Hokkaido, seems to convey not only the color and radiance but also the sound and temperature to the viewer. It is a piece that beautifully embodies Yuki’s fondness for this familiar nature.