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Shino Tea Bowl

Craft Artist
Kai Tsujimura
Sakurai, Nara Prefecture
φ122×H98 mm

A landscape tinged with sunset

Kai Tsujimura is an artist who grew up surrounded by the works of his father, a ceramic artist, in the nature-rich land of Nara Prefecture. After studying under his father, he established his own kiln in Sakurai, Nara Prefecture. He works in a variety of styles such as Iga, Shigaraki, Kohiki, Ido, Shino, and Hikidashi-guro.

His works, which bring out the unique characteristics of the materials and evoke the power of nature, possess a distinctive personality that captivates people’s hearts in an instant. The bold tetsu-e or “iron underglaze” catches the eye, peering through the glaze that softly covers the entire surface of the tea bowl. The rivulets of glaze flowing down to the foot of the tea bowl reveals distinct crimson-colored finger marks. Inside, a gently tinted white glaze unveils a beautiful landscape scene. The burnt red hues, varying sizes of yuzu-hada (fine pits with the texture of citrus peels), and delicate hairline kan-nyu crackle provide a delightful visual experience.

The attitude towards creating art while being immersed in nature, as well as the skill to produce unique works, is not something that arises overnight but rather something that has been built up through the artist’s life experiences. It would be truly remarkable to spend time with the piece, touching a fragment of the sensibility nurtured by its creator.