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Vessel “Ray of Light”

Craft Artist
Hiroshi Taruta
Seto, Aichi Prefecture
Φ158 × H213 mm
Porcelain stone

Unwavering path

Hiroshi Taruta is a ceramic artist energetically dedicated to his creative pursuits in Seto, Aichi Prefecture. His artistic style combines refreshing shades of seihakuji (blue-white glaze) porcelain with the translucent technique of hotaru-de, which allows light to pass through. The artist has consistently pursued this artistic style throughout his ceramic career. To master the technically challenging hotaru-de technique, he diligently hones his skills day by day. The resulting pieces embody a cool and serene beauty, and have garnered increasing attention in recent years.

“Kobo / Ray of Light” is a flower vase with a striking design featuring multiple thin streams of light flowing in straight lines. It exudes an orderly and harmonious presence, as the subtle interplay of light and the smoothness of the seihakuji glaze pool soften the overall atmosphere. The assured lines resemble the trajectories of stars tracing across the sky, earnestly expressing a landscape that capturing the artist’s personal perception of beauty.