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Hexagonal Box with Cedar Nemoku Veneer

Wood & Bamboo
Craft Artist
Kenichi Mori
Tokushima Prefecture
W220 × H60 × D255mm
Natural wood

Colors of wood

A beautiful design created by the interplay of the colors and grain patterns of the wood. The intricate wooden box, crafted with exquisite attention to detail, is made by Kenichi Mori, who continues the tradition of his woodworking business passed down from previous generations in Tokushima Prefecture. He carefully pieces together multiple rare and distinctive tsuki-ita, thinly shaved wood veneers, to create this stunning work.

A veneer of Japanese cedar nemoku, or root burl, is radiantly arranged in a radial pattern at the center of the lid, creating an appearance of light swirling outwards from the center in concert with the evenly distributed grain patterns. Surrounding that are eleven different types of colorful and distinctive tsuki-ita veneers, precisely cut and placed without gaps. The lid is adorned with a three-dimensional hexagonal border, with smooth rounded corners characteristic of the unique woodworking techniques of Tokushima, which are rarely seen today. After the shape is constructed, the veneers are carefully affixed with nikawa (gelatin glue) using a tool similar to a small iron. This masterpiece showcases the mastery of an artisan who has perfected the art of working with tsuki-ita, as evidenced by its shining finish achieved through repeated layers of coating and polishing.