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Champagne Cooler

Wood & Bamboo
Craft Company
Shibata Yoshinobu Shoten
Odate, Akita Prefecture
Φ180mm × H230mm
Natural Akita cedar

Graceful living trees

In the rich forests of Odate, Akita Prefecture, the traditional craft of magewappa (literally, “bent-wood ware”) has thrived for generations. Wooden vessels crafted using the technique of bending wood, such as rice containers and lunchboxes, continue to be cherished by many people even today.

This champagne cooler, with its beautifully uniform and fine grain nurtured by the natural environment of northern Japan, is crafted from a 200 year-old Akita cedar, a rare and precious tree. The vertical grain boards, which provide excellent in flexibility and strength, are softened in boiling water and then bent into a cylindrical shape before being finished. The binding, sewn with mountain cherry bark, is decorated with a scale design meant to ward off evil spirits. The plain wood of this exquisite piece gives off a subtle fragrance every time it is used, making it a delightful item.