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Agoya Tray

Wood & Bamboo
Craft Artist
Masaru Kawai
Minokamo, Gifu Prefecture
W315 × H15 × D265mm
Japanese cedar

Conversations with trees

An agoya tray is a rectangular tray carved in the “interior corners” style in the agoya, a place of practice for Buddhist monks. Masaru Kawai’s agoya tray utilizes traditional design while embodying a beautiful atmosphere that blends seamlessly into modern living spaces. Carefully carved on the four corners of the Japanese cedar masame, straight grain board, it is finished without any coating. The distinct wood grain patterns and the subtle scent of Japanese cedar gently soothe the hearts of those leading busy lives.

Masaru is a woodworker based in Minokamo, Gifu Prefecture, dedicated to promoting the allure of various Japanese woods. With 70% of the country covered in forests, Japan has had a long-standing relationship with wood, which has been an integral part of people’s lives and has shaped the unique cultural heritage of each region. A moment spent experiencing Masaru’s works is a time to engage in a conversation with the trees, allowing for a leisurely contemplation of their value.