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Iron Kettle – Ashiya Dragon with Silver Inlay

Craft Artist
Ouko Sato (Seikodo)
Yamagata Prefecture
Iron (Body), Copper (Lid), Silver (Handle)

Unfading Refinement

Seikodo was founded in Yamagata, an area where casting flourished in the late Edo period (1603-1868). It is a small workshop specializing in iron kettles (tetsubin) and pots for the tea ceremony. The tetsubin, which is said to have originated as a smaller version of the traditional chanoyu-gama tea pot, possesses a durability that allows it to be passed down from generation to generation through daily handling with care. A dragon dances on the thinly cast surface that is the charm of Yamagata cast iron, and the dragon’s eyes, spout, and handle feature intricate silver inlays, while the silver handle on the vermilion-copper lid gleams brightly. It is a beautiful and practical product with a dignified appearance and a sense of splendor.