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Echizen Tansu “Paulownia Cabinet”

Wood & Bamboo
Craft Artist
Norikazu Oyanagi (Oyanagi Tansu)
Echizen, Fukui Prefecture
W435 × H106 × D335mm

The pinnacle of craftsmanship

Originally established as a joinery workshop or sashimono-ya, where furniture and boxes are assembled from wood boards without the use of nails, Oyanagi Tansu was founded in 1907 in Echizen, Fukui Prefecture, a region where many traditional crafts still thrive. Norikazu Oyanagi, now its fourth-generation head, is one of the few artisans who continue to produce traditional Echizen tansu. In addition to the traditional sashimono technique of Echizen tansu, which are characterized by their lacquered finish and iron metal fittings, he actively explores contemporary styles. This particular piece, crafted for guinomi sake cups, uses high-quality paulownia wood from Niigata Prefecture. The beautiful grain of the plane-finished wood is refreshing, and the shape of the rim of the top lid and the metal fittings protecting the corners are of traditional design. It exhibits a dignified presence suitable for storing cherished artworks.