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Iga Handled Flower Vase

Craft Company
Kai Tsujimura
Sakurai, Nara Prefecture
Φ130 × H330 mm

Masterful Harmony

The scarlet color of the thoroughly burnished clay, the green of the glossy vidro glaze suspended as if it flies around freely, and the dark gray and brown of the mouth are just a few of the many fascinating features of this “Iga Handled Flower Vase” created by Kai Tsujimura, a ceramic artist working in Nara Prefecture. In addition to the clear, multi-layered stripes and bold hera-me marks left throughout the piece by the modeling tool, the neck of the vase is tightened in a koji-guchi style mouth puffed up like a citron with a pair of small “ears,” or handles, which are often seen as a characteristic of Iga ware and give this piece its “handled” name. The artistry with which the decorative and powerful qualities characteristic of Iga ware are combined into a beautifully harmonious appearance with a unique sensibility is nothing short of magnificent.

Kai, a ceramic artist who challenges himself against various types of pottery and produces diverse works, has developed solid skills honed through daily engagement with ceramics making. Looking at this work, one cannot help but marvel at the fresh and vivid expressiveness that is revealed through the simple creative act of shaping and firing clay.