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Craft Artist
Nami Takahashi
Φ200 × H210 mm
Porcelain stone

A view of light and shadow

Nami Takahashi creates works inspired by the forms of the natural world, such as plants, fruits, and seeds. Her creations, characterized by their universal beauty, captivate many people and have earned her recognition not only in Japan but also internationally. She mainly works with white porcelain that stands out for its sculptural beauty, producing works ranging from striking large-scale flower vases that enhance any space to tea utensils such as tea bowls and water jars.

The artist, who has been drawn to the idea of freely creating shapes with clay since she was a child, pursues as a ceramic artist the technique of casting using molds. After removing the piece from the mold, she carefully scrapes the surface by hand before firing to shape the piece down to the finest detail. The pure white of the porcelain enhances the shadows created by gracefully flowing curves and deep contours, further accentuating the smooth texture with a subdued sheen. When bathed in light, this imparts a soft and gentle ambiance.

In its dignified presence, in which one can feel a vibrant vitality, is undoubtedly a result of the artist’s expressive power in capturing the beauty of the flourishing natural world in their works. We look forward to seeing more of the beautiful white world of light and shadow that this artist, who has mastered the beauty of form, will present in the future.