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Oribe Flower Vase

Craft Artist
Ryotaro Kato
Tajimi, Gifu Prefecture
Φ120 × H243 mm

With class and elegance

Ryotaro Kato is a ceramic artist who has been pursuing the expression of Mino ware fired in an ana-gama kiln and actively presenting his works. Among them, his expression of Oribe ware is a highlight, featuring a diverse range of unpredictable yohen effects which manifest during firing, from vivid blues and greens to deep greens and blacks. The flames of the ana-gama kiln fuse with the artist’s skill and aesthetic sensibility, giving rise to one of a kind visions.

Although Ryotaro places particular emphasis on tea bowls in his ceramics, there are also noteworthy masterpieces among his flower vases. This work is one of them, and its graceful appearance embodies a refined charm. Its shoulders exhibit a soft curvature, its body shaped with flowing straight lines, and the entire piece is enveloped in the rich colors of Oribe. While the vase has a dignified beauty in its presence alone, one can perceive in it a smartness that enhances the flowers it displays, and it can be said to have attained an extremely high level of completeness as a work of art.