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“ECHO TOMORROW FIELD – Food and Art” Will Be Held

Terraced rice fields in Sodeshi

“ECHO TOMORROW FIELD – Food and Art” organized by the non-profit organization TOMORROW will be held from October 7 to November 26, 2023, at multiple venues in Tango and Kinosaki. This event is planned around 3 main themes: art works that highlight the history of Tango, an area historically associated with cinnabar production; innovative efforts to transform industries primarily centered around rich local produce and Tango chirimen (silk crepe); and a new proposal for locally rooted art, working in collaboration with the next generation.

The “Introducing Shu: Vermillion in Japan and Next Generation Culture Zone” will feature various art projects blending the talents of next generation in art, crafts, and architecture with the unique characteristics of the Tango region. In the “Local, New and Fermented” segment, there will be limited dinners and cooking workshop featuring local ingredients supervised by internationally acclaimed chefs, all taking place in a space constructed using Tango textiles as interior design material. The “Regenerative Art – Next Generation Craft Architecture” project involves the transformation of a 100-year-old house in Taiza, Kyotango. Over a span of 3 years, this space has been transformed into a work of art through the collaborative efforts of artists who inherit the traditions of woodworking, ceramics, glass, papermaking, and plastering alongside the sensibilities of the younger generation. Original crafts and artworks will also be available for purchase.

This year marks the second edition of the event, aiming to resonate with the hearts of local residents and people visiting Tango from both within Japan and abroad. It serves as a platform for the growth of talent driving various activities, while also aspiring to become a consistent nurturing ground for the sensibilities of children who will shape the next generation, facilitated by high-quality art and the abundant natural environment. Throughout the event period, attendees will have a great opportunity to experience works from various creators. Numerous related events are scheduled, and since the venues are spread across different locations, it is recommended to check the details on the website and plan your visit accordingly.


◾️ Creators
Shuji Nakagawa|Wood Craft
Yoko Ando|Textile
Akio Niisato|Porcelain
Natsuki Ikezawa|Literature
Ryue Nishizawa|Architecture
Koh Kado (Kamisoe)|Karakami
Naoya Hatakeyama|Photography
Takuro Kuwata|Ceramic
Yoshitaka Haba (BACH)|Book
Ken Sakamoto (cenci)|Food
Teresita Fernàndez|Art Installation
Satoshi Sato (PONTE)|Glass
Noboru Morikawa|Documentation (photography)
Rie Shimoda|Documentation (design)
LEO|Art, Koto
Shin Suzuki|Documentation (movie)
Samson Young|Art Installation
Yoshihiro Suda|Sculpture
Tetsuo Yoshioka (Brangkat)|Food
Yoshihisa Tanaka|Design
Yukinori Yoshioka (Nawaya)|Food

◾️General information
Dates: October 7 to November 26, 2023
Venue: Taiza Studio, Takano/Itsukinomiya Shrine, Tango Ancient Village Museum, Roadside Station Tenki Tenki Tango, Kinosaki Onsen Mikiya, 丗 | SEI

* For some events, advance reservation may be required for participation. Please check the official website for further details.



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