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Takeyoshi Mitsui

光井 威善
Toyama Prefecture
Hiroshima Prefecture
Glass artist

Expressing softness from the hard glass

Takeyoshi Mitsui is from Hiroshima Prefecture. He likes drawing and craft class and physical education since he was a child. From his interest in manufacturing, he majored in crafts in university where he developed an interest in glass making which he felt was the most complicated and difficult to produce. Subsequently, he found a job in a glass studio in Toyama Prefecture. He was able to create his own works freely during his school days and found it difficult to do it as a job. “What kind of glass artisan do I aim to be”, he asked and he found the answer in himself. He is color blind, and has difficulty in recognizing color which became an advantage for him. While it is difficult for him to recognize colors, his “Silence” series was created from his desire to use various colors and his own interpretation of these colors. With the opportunities that the series brought him, he became independent in 2016. Keeping to his specific unique color usage and shapes, and precision craftwork of scraping and carving on the surface of the glass, he creates his own expression through “attempting to create a soft appearance from the hard glass”. Takeyoshi Mitsui is happy that his works is being conveyed from one person to another instead of his name and he believes in the special power which stays inside of a product that is made by human hands.



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