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Amber on Gray

Craft Artist
Takeyoshi Mitsui
Toyama Prefecture
W200 × H220 × D60cm
Soda glass

Colors that blend into each other

Long fascinated by the process of making things, the artist Takeyoshi Mitsui embarked on the path of craftsmanship, studying glass making and then working at a glass studio in Toyama before becoming independent. He feels that the beauty of his work lies not in the colors themselves, but rather in their gradations and depth, and the subtle shifts in color and tone are expressed with a delicate aesthetic sense.

This work, in which amber waves seem to shimmer in the light sumi (black ink) colored glass, is made by covering the relaxed and fluid shape of the free-blown glass with a different color glass using the technique of soto-gise, or “outer-layering”. The two colors overlap each other exquisitely, creating a complex color tone. Even though the glass is hard by nature, it seems to have an organic warmth to it.

The gentle and clear colors of the piece fill the space with a pleasant and soothing light. It will create a peaceful moment, as if you were standing in the afternoon sun.