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Yohen Blue Tokkuri Sake Flask

Craft Artist
Takashi Baba
Bizen, Okayama Prefecture
Φ90 × H130mm

Bizen in evolution

Bizen ware, the art of clay and flame, has long been popular both in Japan and around the world. Today modern Bizen is on the edge of a new chapter in its history, one that goes beyond its traditional techniques while using them as a solid foundation.

Takashi Baba is one of the ceramic artists continuing to explore the possibilities of this new Bizen. While maintaining the core traditional method of using Bizen clay and firing it in a nobori-gama climbing kiln in Bizen, he has been creating Bizen ware that has never been seen before, with new expressions of color such as yohen (unpredictable effects that manifest during firing) and innovative expressions of form inspired by his study of sculpture.

This work, “Yohen Blue Tokkuri Sake Flask,” is part of his “Yohen Blue” series, his signature work. The glossy black of the iron-rich clay ties the entire piece together, while his uniquely blended clay mixes with the flame to create a vivid blue color. This artistry added to the everyday character of a tokkuri sake flask seems to bring a special comfort every time it is used. Takashi’s works are suffused with hints of the new potential of Bizen ware.