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White Tea Bowl

Craft Artist
Takeshi Imaizumi
Saitama Prefecture
Φ110 × H85mm

An endless snowy landscape

The way this work sparkles like a snowflake, with its many layers of fine kan-nyu or crackles, is like a snowy world catching the light. The overlapping white folds create a sense of depth, which one will never tire of looking at.

Influenced by the ceramics of the Song Dynasty (960 – 1279) in China, Takeshi Imaizumi has tirelessly conducted meticulous research on glaze formulations, soil compatibility, and firing temperatures and duration, in pursuit of his own unique creative expression. His white tea bowl, which shines with a pure light, is made of clay that is as white as porcelain, and has a kodai, or “foot,” delicately decorated with silver that gives it a beautiful, pristine white appearance. The round and gentle shape was the result of his search for a design that would be easy to use as a tea utensil while also highlighting the deep glow of the silvery white.

Like ancient Chinese pottery, Takeshi’s earnest quest is certain to create an enduring expression of beauty that transcends time and place to continue into the future. This glowing tea bowl is sure to illuminate the way.