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Craft Artist
Akihiko Sugita
Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture
W630 × D850 mm
Wood, linen, lacquer

A new art

Glossy black, withered black. Roughness and subtle patterns. The many different textures that appear on a single board filled with black illustrate the depths of this profound color.

“Untitled” by Akihiko Sugita was created by covering the base wood with linen and then applying black lacquer overtop it. The linen is used in a traditional lacquer art technique called “kanshitsu”, (literally, “dry lacquer”). The wrinkles and patterns of the linen cloth give the piece its unique texture as mentioned above. Based on the assured techniques nourished by tradition, this work boasts a high degree of artistry and sophistication in a single work.

Having been apprenticed in Wajima, a major lacquerware region in Ishikawa Prefecture, Akihiko is particularly adept at capturing the subdued colors and atmosphere found in old objects. At the same time, his works have the quality to blend into modern spaces without feeling out of place. His works, which embody the concept of old saying “Onko-chishin”, or “Find a guide to tomorrow by taking lessons from the past,” will surely play a role in the creation of rich living spaces.