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Hataman Touen Launches “Rim Mug,” the Best Mug Made for Aroma Enjoyment and Comfort Drinking

Okawachiyama, Imari-city, Saga Prefecture, also known as the village of the secret kilns, is where the Nabeshima clan had once established its official kilns. Hataman Touen is a kiln that continues to produce porcelain ware that focuses on delicate paintings of nature motifs in the style of Imari Nabeshima, together with thin white porcelain made to enhance those decorations. In addition to traditional styles, they also produce designs that are catered to the modern lifestyle and often collaborate with other industries, always challenging new techniques and expressions.

The new released “Rim Mug” started its development by collaborating with Takaharu Hamano from promoduction, who took charge of the design based on the vision of “pursuing the aroma and drinking comfort.” After which, they sought advice from coffee and aroma specialists such as baristas and perfumers to develop molds for the new shape, produced prototypes with artisans for the porcelain base and experts for the glaze and paint, testing with an actual prototype and making revisions repeatedly. The mug is an embodiment of Hataman Touen’s passion to create products that will please its users.

The mug adopts a barrel shape with a narrow mouth opening for one to enjoy the aroma of their beverage to the fullest. Considering the user’s comfort of drinking, Hataman Touen ensured the thickness just below the inside of the rim, keeping the overall finish thin, so that you can enjoy the aroma while still having a pleasant mouthfeel when enjoying your beverage. The handle, which was carefully designed for a good grip, is attached to the lower part of the body to lower the balance of gravity, reducing the weight on one’s fingers when pouring a drink, made with the comfort of grip in consideration.

The dripping glaze naturally gathers at the product’s lower part of the body on the rim, the part from which the name “The Rim” was derived from. This causes color gradation and shadows to form, showcasing a delicate depth aesthetically. Hataman Touen’s splendid skill and uncompromising pursuit of beauty can be seen in the precision of its shape, decorative expression, and color matching of glaze. It is a work of art where functionality as a tool and beauty can coexist. Believing that a relaxing time can also become a fragrant moment.


■ Product information
Name: Rim Mug   – White / Black Matt / Red –
Capacity: Max 280 ml
Size: W102 x D81 x H84 mm

■ Contact
Hataman Touen
Address: 1820, Okawachi-cho-otsu, Imari-city, Saga Prefecture 848-0025 Japan
Tel: +81-955-23-2784
Fax: +81-955-22-7629
Online shop:



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