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Yuki Takizawa

瀧澤 由季
Brooklyn Museum
Sales and Marketing

Keep working to make people happy.

Ms. Takizawa is from Tokyo. After graduating from university, she worked in a sales position for an eyeglass brand where she had an opportunity to visit the production facility. From that point onwards, she developed an interest in works that convey a pleasing sense of crafts to people. Then, she joined Brooklyn Co., Ltd. in 2015. At first, she was employed as a store clerk but she had set her sights on seeking a career in sales for the company. Brooklyn was a brand only to those in the know, and she believed that more efforts could be done to create awareness for the brand. After three months, her wish came true. As a salesperson, Ms. Takizawa was able to visit their business partners together with the president. She finds hat it is fun and challenging to work in this company because of the wide range of tasks required due to the small but select workforce of the company. Currently, she is also involved in public relations as well. “ I am eager to meet the expectations of our customers who visit our shop looking for some excitement. I want to continue this work to make people happy through our products “ says Ms. Takizawa. She finds great pleasure in sharing Brooklyn’s independent spirit of craft and its value with her customers.