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Tokko Kiln

Tokko Kiln Co., Ltd
Arita , Saga Prefecture
3841-1, Ohboh Hei, Arita-cho, Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga, 844-0021, JAPAN
Hiroyuki Tokunaga
Torasuke Tokunaga
Craft Artist
Eijiro Tokunaga


Arita is a peaceful town which is close to nature in Saga Prefecture, Japan. Tokko Kiln Co.,Ltd with its impressive looking elongated and narrow workshop along the Kuromuta River, was founded here in 1865. At that time, they were producing large-sized porcelain such as vases, charcoal braziers and plates which requires high-levels of skills. During the post war period, they began focusing on tableware for fine Japanese cuisine. Through the introduction of new techniques, they started producing high volumes of square-shaped porcelain and pioneered the commercial tableware market in Arita. Later, during the period of high economic growth (1960s), they produced tableware with elegant and colorful decoration using transfer technique that are used during celebratory occasions. With these different approaches in response to different eras, the company has continued to grow. Currently, the fifth generation of the family, Mr. Hiroyuki Tokunaga serves as the president while his younger brother Mr. Eijiro Tokunaga who is a thrower, is in charge of the production.

As a pioneer of tableware for fine Japanese cuisine, Tokko Kiln Co.,Ltd has been producing high-quality tableware for professional use. Their excellent transfer technology makes it possible to produce wares with delicate patterns of good quality consistently. Elegant tableware decorated in gold and silver glaze can also match a wider range of professional needs. On the other hand, the president’s younger brother Mr. Eijiro Tokunaga creates earthenware. After training in pottery making for 10-years in Kyoto, he came back to his hometown to succeed the family business in a porcelain dominated Arita. The challenges of working beyond the boundaries of porcelain creates many new possibilities while still being deeply rooted to Arita.

In recent years, with the aim to create tableware which suits the contemporary lifestyle, Tokko Kiln is collaborating with designers and top chefs to develop their own products. Whilst maintaining their tradition of transfer technique, they have expanded into earthenware and over glazed decoration. Actively participating in overseas exhibitions with other potteries from Arita, they are also working on creating new tableware that suits different styles of cuisine such as French and Italian. With both tradition and innovation, the tableware of Tokko Kiln will continue to expand and evolve infinitely.