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Ryumon White Peak Matcha Bowl

Craft Company
Tokko Kiln
Craft Artist
Eijiro Tokunaga
Arita, Saga Prefecture
W163 × H120 × D80mm

Spring thaw

The production of porcelain in Japan began in the Edo period (1603-1868), and the town of Arita in Saga Prefecture is still famous as a major producer of this beautiful craft. Eijiro Tokunaga works as a thrower at Tokko Kiln, an Arita ware kiln founded in 1865, and at the same time, he creates earthenware as an independent artist.

“Ryumon” is the name of a rocky mountain located near Eijiro’s studio. This work, “Ryumon White Peak Matcha Bowl,” was inspired by the scenery of melting snow flowing down the rocky mountain. The glaze on the surface of the bowl is intricately mixed, and the wavering trails of white and blue are just like melting snow in spring. The black clay gives the impression of tightness, and the whole piece has a depth that is a mixture of warmth and coldness.

The originality that Eijiro has pursued while making earthenware in a region traditionally focused on porcelain production has led him to create a variety of glaze expressions. As a master thrower and an artist, the expressions he spins are infinitely expanding.