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Dressed in Light

Craft Artist
Hiroshi Taruta
Seto, Aichi Prefecture
Φ110 × H102 mm
Porcelain stone

Fascinated by light

Hiroshi Taruta is a Seto-based artist who has been passionately practicing an openwork technique known as hotaru-de to create his own unique seihakuji (blue-white glaze) porcelain. While hotaru-de is usually done in a circular pattern, Hiroshi insists on expressing his work with lines and continues to refine his technique.

The stripes running over the soft shape are cut wide to let in as much light as possible. The manual technique required to cut delicately and boldly without damaging the thin porcelain surface truly shows his mastery. The clear light that shines through the transparent glaze covering the gaps radiates a beauty that naturally brings a smile to the face of any who holds this work in their hands.

As if guided by the light that spreads through gaps in the clouds, he walks the path of creativity with devotion. What he wants to express with his hands may be beautiful light.