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Flower Vase

Craft Artist
Hiroshi Taruta
Seto, Aichi Prefecture
Φ165 x H210 mm
Porcelain stone

The quest for beauty

Flowing curves cast shadows on the transparent surface of this seihakuji porcelain, revealing subtle color gradations in the icy, blue-white glaze. Behind this dignified appearance lies the artist’s relentless pursuit of beauty.

Hiroshi Taruta is a young ceramic artist who has been working and studying diligently in Seto, Aichi Prefecture, a city that has flourished as a center for pottery since ancient times and is now home to a wide variety of artists. Fascinated by the whiteness of porcelain and the image of a ray of light shining through the clouds, he strives to create works that express his vision of beauty. The flowing lines of his “hotaru-de” technique are one of his characteristic motifs, born out of his quest to express that vision. This vase gives us a glimpse of what the young artist is aiming for when he talks about his dream of creating a first-class work of art.

Without a doubt, he is an artist from whom we can expect more great things in the future.