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Tetsuyo Tenmoku Tea Bowl

Craft Artist
Nobuyuki Kimura
D143 x H75 mm

Light shining on the deep black sea

Tenmoku tea bowls are said to have been introduced to Japan from China during the Kamakura period (1185 – 1333). From its beginnings in the Yohen Tenmoku, national treasures of Japan, the beauty of Tenmoku has attracted many contemporary artists in Japan and abroad who continue to challenge themselves to replicate it.

Born into a family of ceramic artists in Gojo, Kyoto, Nobuyuki Kimura aspires to create elegant and dignified works in the style of the true “Kyoto-jin” (Kyoto native) that he is, and has produced many works with gorgeous and profound colors. He has been working on Tenmoku for several years, and has trialed hundreds of glaze mixtures and firing methods in pursuit of Tenmoku colors that are not only beautiful but uniquely his own.

Like the light of the moon or stars reflected on the surface of the sea at night, the mottled patterns reveal a different radiance each time they are viewed. The way the kodai, or foot that supports the flowing glaze is scraped also shows the artist’s dedication toward ceramic making. This work allows us to enjoy the present stage of this craftsman, who will continue to grow and develop in the future.