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Craft Artist
Ikuko Ogawa
Morioka, Iwate Prefecture
Φ73 × H73 mm
Soda glass

Dynamic balance in kiriko cut glass

The sizeable and deep engraved lines on this piece reveal a bold spontaneity, while the intricate, delicate patterns radiates a gorgeous elegance. The thick glass accentuates both, and the silver lid sits atop the red rim, shining in response to the shimmering cuts that run the length and breadth of the piece. This work, “Futamono” (literally, “Thing with a Lid”), is by Ikuko Ogawa, one of the most remarkable kiriko cut glass artists in Japan today.

While building on the traditional techniques of Edo kiriko as a solid foundation, Ikuko incorporates the deep cuts and gradation effects of kise-glass (cased glass) characteristic of Satsuma kiriko to create a comprehensive expression of the beauty of Japanese cut glass. The designs springing from her free and flexible sensibility give viewers fresh discoveries unbound by traditional frameworks. It is a gem that expands the possibilities of cut glass.