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Incense Burner – Cotton Rose Pattern with Gold Painting

Craft Artist
Minori Yoshita
Komatsu, Ishikawa Prefecture
Φ103 × H133 mm
Porcelain stone

Eternally blooming golden flowers

A golden cotton rose flower. The flowers drawn with gold leaf gently float on a pale yellow surface, gracefully blooming. The artist’s skill is evident in this splendid work, which despite its brilliance is not flashy, instead giving the viewer a feeling of modesty.

Minori Yoshita is the third-generation head of Kinzangama Kiln, a kiln that for generations has specialized in kinsai (decorating with gold leaf or gold paint), one of the many over glaze painting techniques used in Kutani ware. He began working with this technique after encountering Hajime Kato’s yuri-kinsai works and being struck by the novelty of that technique. Since then, he has continued to hone his skill for more than 30 years and is now designated as an Important Intangible Cultural Property Holder (Living National Treasure).

In this work, the artist skillfully handled gold leaf, which is said to be difficult to control, and beautifully expressed the shadows and depth of the flowers and leaves. The work possesses a dignity which entitles it to speak of the beauty of “yuri-kinsai,” in which delicate gold leaf is sealed in a transparent glaze.