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Oribe Flower Bowl

Craft Artist
Makoto Yamaguchi
Seto, Aichi Prefecture
W360 × H160 × D370mm

Myriad shades of green

The world of Mino-Momoyama ware is a profound one with a wide variety of styles. Among them, Oribe ware is particularly unique, reflecting the free and vigorous environment of the Momoyama period (1573-1615) in which it first developed. There are many types of Oribe ware, and one can sense a unique aesthetic that appreciates diversity.

Makoto has been fascinated by Mino-Momoyama ware for many years, and while learning from its traditions, he is always seeking new ways to express his original ideas. This piece, in which we can fully enjoy the various shades of Oribe glaze, is representative of his current work. The dynamic shapes that appear like cracks in the earth, the clear blue that flows through vivid greens, and the earthy moss color all come together in a single work like a bird’s eye view of majestic nature.

This piece presents a new perspective by an artist who continues to ambitiously explore his own style. In it the free spirit that is the essence of Oribe vividly lives on.