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Shigaraki Gourd Flower Vase

Craft Artist
Katsunori Sawa
Shigaraki, Shiga Prefecture

Full of rustic charm

Shigaraki, one of the six oldest kilns in Japan, is blessed with good quality soil, its products characterized by a wabi-like appearance due to their unglazed yakishime style and natural glaze. Since ancient times, a wide range of utensils have been fired here to accompany people’s daily lives, from large vessels such as jars, pots, and braziers to tableware and tea utensils.

Born into a family of potters, Katsunori Sawa has developed his own unique style, specializing in Shigaraki ware as well as Oribe and a singular form of painting. The highlight of this work is the beautiful scenery that appears when it is pulled out of the kiln during firing and cooled rapidly. The roughness of the Shigaraki clay, the translucent blue-green color of the natural glaze, and the exquisite scorching… the rich, expressive character of the work is apparent no matter which angle you view it from, and further enhances the vase’s graceful gourd-like shape.

Looking at it, the words “wabi-sabi” naturally come to mind. Every time you arrange flowers in it, you will feel the beauty of this vase gourd gently filling your heart.