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Umezume Incense Burner

Craft Company
Hataman Touen
Imari, Saga Prefecture
Porcelain stone

Springtime plum blossoms in all their glory

An incense burner filled with a three dimensional pattern of white plum blossoms. The plum blossom petals spreading all over the surface are softly elegant and evoke the exuberance of the coming of spring. The knobs and legs are decorated with gold and sometsuke, a blue and white painting under transparent glaze, giving the piece a noble impression. The ume-zume (literally, “packed with plum blossoms”) pattern, which is carefully hand-painted by a painter specializing in porcelain, has been passed down from generation to generation as a unique design of Hataman Touen, a kiln in Imari Nabeshima, Saga Prefecture. With its high level of painting technique, this piece is a gem with outstanding appeal and a unique expression of auspicious motifs beloved by the Japanese people.