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Yohen Blue Flower Vase

Craft Artist
Takashi Baba
Bizen, Okayama Prefecture
W114 × H220 × D112mm

A world of colors

Bizen ware has an enduring fascination, as no two pieces are alike, even though they are made using techniques that have remained unchanged since ancient times. Even today, many artists continue to engage with the Bizen clay in pursuit of their own vision, seeking to express themselves in partnership with it.

Takashi Baba’s flower vase stands out with the presence of contemporary art while remaining faithful to the tradition of unglazed yakishime style of pottery born of clay and flame. The beautiful azure color, reminiscent of the deep sea, is the result of firing clay mixed with minerals in a hot climbing kiln for more than ten days. One cannot help but be amazed at the artist’s ability to tap into the depth of color that exists in the natural world and its infinite possibilities.

In both the vivid colors of the yohen effects that manifest unpredictably during firing and in the sculptural beauty of the form, the work is a sight to behold. The combination of unique expression and a graceful appearance that accompanies the flowers and plants in the vase is the true essence of Bizen ware. Takashi has put all his energy into creating this piece, to reveal the joy of colors in nature that you have never seen before.