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Kohiki Heishi Sake Bottle

Craft Artist
Hideki Yamamoto
Takeo, Saga Prefecture
Φ175 × H240 mm

Purest white

In Saga Prefecture, there are many artists who produce ceramic outside the well-known regions of Arita and Karatsu. Not far from Arita, ceramic artist Hideki Yamamoto has been sincerely engaging with clay for many years, and has established his own kiln, named “Kankosui” in reference to a genuine practitioner of Zen, within the magnificent nature of Kurokami-yama Mountain.

Hideki specializes in kuro-yu or black glaze, wherein flecks of gold and silver glint from within deep black, but he also uses a variety of other techniques such as Mishima and Hakeme as his own. This work, fired with a thin layer of glossy devitrified glaze on white slip, has a beautifully fresh and clear white color and seems to be filled with moisture. The shading of the richly applied white slip, the black iron powder that appears in places, and the delicate kan-nyu or crackles that cover the surface are just a few of the many highlights of this work.

Although originally used to hold sake, the heishi bottle is also good for arranging flowers or for simply admiring within one’s daily life. This is a work that makes you want to watch the changes brought about by time, and you can deeply feel the unique flavor of this Kohiki style.