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"Forms that Blend Together" – Takeyoshi Mitsui Solo Exhibition

From February 5th to 10th, 2022, glass artist Takeyoshi Mitsui’s exhibition “Forms that Blend Together” was held at gallery mus in Daikanyama, Tokyo. The exhibition featured a total of 139 works from his popular series such as “Silence” and “Bottle People” as well as his new tea bowls.

Lined up by the wall is one of Takeyoshi’s signature works, the “Bottle People” series. The monotone glass gives an impression of maturity, yet the bottle “people,” composed of smooth, free-blown curves, all appear relaxed and cheerfully free spirited. They include a “Hello” with one hand raised in greeting, a small rounded “Curled Up Person,” and a “Room” that looks like a place for “people” and their homes. Whether humorously, quietly, or full of ennui, each of the “people” stand with their own aura and way of being, which naturally releases the viewer’s tension. This exquisite feeling is a result of Takeyoshi’s unique sense of form and color.

Exhibition in the warm sunlight

Both as an objet d’art and a flower vase

《Bottle People》:monotone colors and soft shapes blend together

A new tea bowl has been released

These new tea bowls were produced at the request of the gallery owner, and the small round shape was well received for its simple yet solid presence. The round shape of the “Silence” cup was also newly introduced. The “Silence” series is practical, yet with its beautiful and tranquil expression of softly colored glass and delicate engraving it has remained steadily popular. Through it we were able to catch a glimpse of the artist’s determination to go beyond and challenge himself with a new style and expression.

I asked Takeyoshi about the title of this exhibition, “Tokeau Katachi,” or “Forms that Blend Together.” “I always emphasize the importance of tension and relaxation. I try to take two opposing elements, such as overlapping colors and hues, ‘pop’ and cool, and blend them together and express them in a good balance. In the past, I used to try to create something that either black or white, but it seems that ambiguity suits me better,” he said. The sense that underlies his aesthetic is something that many people can relate to and connect with. The fact that we can always find dignified beauty in ambiguity may be one of the reasons why Takeyoshi’s works are so popular.

Written by Kyoko Tsutsumi

Tableware that will be welcomed to everyday life

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