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Art Festival of Kutani Ware, “KUTANism” Will Be Held

Started in 2019 as an art festival that promotes the charm of “Kutani ware,” a traditional craft from Komatsu and Nomi in Ishikawa Prefecture, “KUTANism” returns this year with the theme “Tracing the Colors of Kutani.” The program focuses on the distinctive use of vibrant color schemes, a characteristic feature of Kutani ware. By touring the places introduced with KUTANism guidebook in hand, visitors will be able to discover the charm of Kutani ware and its place of origin. The event will take place from October 6 to November 5, 2023.

The main exhibition will be held at three locations. In the “Kutani Art Objects” exhibition, Kutani ware ornaments, which have been made as lucky charms for a long time, will be displayed in a Japanese moss garden that has also been passed down from ancient times. In the “Living with Kutani Ware” exhibition, visitors can gain insights into incorporating the unique colors and patterns of Kutani ware into their daily lives, set in a Komatsu machiya (traditional house) that once served as a pottery kiln. The “Wrapped in Kutani” exhibition, in collaboration with Komatsu Matere, a fabric manufacturer headquartered in Nomi, will unveil a space featuring cloth with Kutani ware patterns. Visitors can enjoy a new experience of being enveloped by the beautiful patterns of Kutani ware. In addition to the exhibitions, 11 studios and kilns will open their workplaces to the public, allowing visitors to meet artists and craftsmen directly and visit the production sites where Kutani ware is created.

The KUTANism guidebook will introduce various Kutani ware-related facilities, including shrines dedicated to prominent figures in the world of Kutani ware and galleries featuring contemporary artists. Event information scheduled during the exhibition period will also be included. It will be a great opportunity to explore the charm of the regions and the people who have nurtured Kutani ware while touring the town.


◾️ General information
Dates: October 6 to November 5, 2023
Venues: Various locations in Komatsu-city and Nomi-city, Ishikawa Prefecture

* Please note that advance reservations may be required for participation in certain events. For details, please check the official website directly.



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