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Denshiro Launches New Products in the Theme “Spinning Time”

“Subako Twelve-Sided Tray” and “Kanazutsu Tea Caddy” (Nousaku + Denshiro)

Fujiki Denshiro Shoten manufactures and sells traditional handicraft of kaba-zaiku in Kakunodate, Akita Prefecture, under the brand “Denshiro”. They celebrated their 170th anniversary last year, and launched three new products in the autumn of the new year. Kaba-zaiku is a type of craft that becomes more beautiful and profound with each usage. The theme “Spinning Time” is in the spirit of wanting to weave together the history of kaba-zaiku, a craft loved by many, and then passing it onto the next generation. The new products are now available for pre-sale at Fujiki Denshiro Shoten’s flagship and online store. There is also a newly launched video introducing the charm of kaba-zaiku available to watch on the top page of the online store.

“Subako Twelve-Sided Clock”
A wall clock with dodecagonal vertices that represent the time. It features a simple design with an empty-faced dial and brass-colored clock hands that are beautifully harmonized with the texture of the three different natural materials used on each design, namely, “Maple”, “Cherry” and “Cherry bark”.

“Subako Twelve-Sided Tray”
Similar to the clock, this tray also has twelve sides. It looks beautiful when different sizes of the trays are being stacked on top of each other, forming an almost rhythmic pattern that is calming to look at when winding down. Available in three sizes that are easy to choose from depending on the intended usage.

“Kanazutsu Tea Caddy” (Nousaku + Denshiro)
The brass used for this tea caddy’s belt and knob is made by Nousaku, a long-established metal casting manufacturer in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture, and due to its nature, it will evolve in both color and appearance over time, developing a calm shine with use. Similarly, the cherry bark of the body also goes through a change and undertakes a glossy texture over time. The beauty in the evolution of these materials is something we can appreciate and enjoy.


■ Product information *Price is before tax
“Subako Twelve-Sided Clock”
Size: 279.5×279.5×24 mm
Price: Cherry Bark JPY16,000, Cherry JPY15,000, Maple JPY15,000

“Subako Twelve-Sided Tray”
(L)300×300×24 mm, (M)270×270×21 mm, (S)240×240×18 mm
(L)Natural JPY12,000, Cherry JPY11,000, Maple JPY11,000
(M)Natural JPY11,000, Cherry JPY10,000, Maple JPY10,000
(S)Natural JPY10,000, Cherry JPY9,000, Maple JPY9,000

“Kanazutsu Tea Caddy” (Nousaku + Denshiro)
Size: Φ82×122 mm
Price: JPY20,000

■ Contact
Fujiki Denshiro Shoten
Address: 45 Shimoshin-machi, Kakunodate-machi, Senboku-city, Akita Prefecture, Japan
Denshiro Online Store:http://fujikidenshiro.co.jp/



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