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Carved-Pattern Vessel, Silver Stripe

Craft Artist
Ryosuke Ando
Seto, Aichi Prefecture
Porcelain stone

Shining silver stripes

The term “Seto-mono” is widely known to refer to ceramics. It is also evidence that Seto city in Aichi Prefecture has long been a prosperous ceramic production center. Even up to today, the Seto area has continued to produce a succession of outstanding young ceramic artists, of whom Ryosuke Ando is one. He is an artist who creates new expressions by utilizing the ceramic techniques he learned in Seto, combined with his own experience in product design.

This unique vessel gives the image of a person wearing a beret. The shining silver stripes, applied to the matte white porcelain that emerge from the ikomi (casting) mold, give a stylish impression. The carefully hand-carved details create a unique pattern and texture.

The coquettish round shape and the size that fits well in your hand make you feel even more attached to this work. Just having it near you seems to bring a feeling of refinement and sophistication to the spaces of your daily life.