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Yakishime Shallow Bowl

Craft Company
Craft Artist
Kenta Nakazato
Karatsu, Saga Prefecture
Φ285mm x H32mm

A bowl full of rich and deep flavor

Ryutagama kiln, nestled in a small valley in Karatsu, is famous for its ceramic dishware. Kenta Nakazato, who himself enjoys cooking in this area of abundant seafood and mountain vegetables, says that his creations begin with a vision of the meals they will present. His specialty is creating tableware for cooking that inspires the user.

The history of yakishime (unglazed stoneware) Karatsu ware is young, and began with a technique developed by Kenta’s grandfather. In this piece, the yakishime technique truly brings out the interesting character of the Karatsu soil, which has a high iron content that produces a rough, unpredictable effect and unique orange and red colors when fired. The shallow shape with its prominent rim goes well with a variety of dishes, both Japanese and Western, and we can sense Kenta’s aspiration that people enjoy the bowl in whatever way strikes their fancy.

Kenta’s ultimate source of creativity is the dinner table he shares with his family in the land where he was born and raised. From chefs all over the world to lovers of tableware, his works attract many people, and are truly vessels for the appreciation of food.