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Flower Arabesque Hand-made Bowl

Craft Company
Riso Porcelain
Craft Artist
Shinji Terauchi
Arita, Saga Prefecture
W240 × H75 × D240mm
Porcelain stone

The art of blue and white

Arita ware is well known not only in Japan but around the world as well. Arita was the first place in Japan where porcelain was made, and for more than 400 years it has remained a historical center of porcelain production, producing high quality vessels that reflect the trends of the times.

Shinji Terauchi, the fourth generation of Riso Porcelain and one of the leading lights of Japanese craftsmanship, keeps an eye on the world while continuing to devote himself with sincerity to his craft every day in Arita. While exploring Arita ware, he came across an old early Imari dish that gave him a sense of warmth, and was impressed by the beauty of the unfading blue color of the sometsuke, or blue and white porcelain. Since then, he has continued to make table ware that are timeless and inspiring, and that fit in well with modern dining tables while carrying on this rich tradition.

This work is a masterpiece, with a supple shape unique to the potter’s wheel, soft colors reminiscent of early Imari, and intricate floral arabesque patterns hand-painted all over the surface. It is a work that expresses Shinji’s aesthetics and his desire for Arita ware to continue into the future.