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Cloud Vessel

Craft Artist
Ryosuke Ando
Seto, Aichi Prefecture
W110 × H100 × D80mm
Porcelain stone

Soft sculptural beauty

Seto City, the site of one of the six oldest kilns in Japan and a major production center of ceramics, is home to many unique artists.

Ryosuke Ando, who studied pottery in Seto and also has experience in graphic and product design, produces pieces that have an attractive, sculptural beauty yet are easy to use in everyday life. Although an independent artist, Ryosuke specializes in mold casting techniques that are typically used in large scale production. He creates unique works of art by carefully adding his handwork to the orderly and beautiful forms that emerge from the mold.

The “Cloud Vessel” is one of Ryosuke’s signature works. It has a charming expression that makes us smile as if it is holding a cloud above its head and pointing with its mouth. The smooth milky white texture is also distinctive. He skillfully manipulates hard porcelain to fully express the softness of the clouds.