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Gaki Gaki Guru Guru

Craft Artist
Taiga Mori
Bizen, Okayama Prefecture

A piece of earth

Bizen ware is made by molding clay and firing it at high temperature without glaze. This rustic pottery has been produced using the same method for 1,000 years or more; it’s enduring profundity stems from the way its simple production method makes the most of its natural source materials. Even today, every Bizen artist continues to refine his or her individual vision and creativity.

While inheriting his grandfather’s kiln as a potter and cherishing the lifestyle rooted in Bizen, Taiga Mori continues to challenge himself to develop new methods of expression. As the original name of this work, “Gaki Gaki Guru Guru,” suggests, he focused on using the sand and stones contained in the soil, rather than the clayey soil often used in Bizen, and created the spiral shape using wire, a new technique not available in the old Bizen era.

This piece, which is like witnessing the strength of the swirling earth, reminds us again of the depth of Bizen ware’s capacity to reveal the artist’s unfettered vision.